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Travelling with a Pet

If you are travelling with a pet, it should travel in the rear of the vehicle, not only so you are not distracted but also because air bags may cause injury to your pet.

Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to roam around the vehicle and can be the cause of an accident if left unrestrained. The safest thing for your dog is to travel in a crate that has been anchored to the vehicle using a seatbelt or other secure means. Dog restraints and seat belts are also available but have not reliably been shown to protect dogs in a crash. Cats should only travel in a carrier for their safety and yours. It is important to restrain carriers so that they don’t move about or fall and hurt your cat and this can be easily done by securing a seat belt around the carrier.

Don’t let your dog put his head out of window. Although some dogs love this, they can be injured by debris or get sick by having cold air forced in to their lungs.

Stop frequently to allow your pet exercise and to go to the bathroom and never leave your pet alone in the vehicle. Even with the windows slightly open it doesn’t take long for the temperature inside the vehicle to climb to such an extent that your pet could suffer irreversible organ damage or even death.

If at all possible share the driving and pet caring so that there is always one person to keep an eye on your pet and keep you company at the same time.

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