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Child Was Killed in Car Accident

On Sunday, September 20, a child was killed in a car accident in Mission.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety the accident happened on Buena Vida and North Moorefield. A Ford F 350 was traveling south on Moorefield and was attempting to make a left turn onto Jovanna Street. However the driver did not yield to the right of way and smashed straight into another vehicle.

In the second vehicle was a two year old child and she was not restrained. The child was taken to McAllen Medical where she died the following day. In addition one other person was taken to hospital where their condition is unknown.

The Ford driver was arrested for intoxication assault initially but following the death of the young girl, it is expected that the charges will be increased.

The law in Texas states that seat belts must be worn, however, in 2014, there were over 2,500 crashes where people were not restrained which led to them either being killed or sustaining serious injuries.

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