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Man Hit by Car in Hit and Run

Early on Friday morning, January 1, a man was hit by a car in a hit and run and is now critical.

According to Welasco police, the incident happened at around 3 a.m. on the Expressway 83. Anthony Nuncio aged 27 and of San Benito was driving fast westbound in a grey Buick south on Bridge Avenue. He then ran a stop sign which was at the bridge and frontage road. He went through the median onto the expressway and hit the concrete barrier. He then got out of his car and was trying to cross the highway when he was hit.

According to witnesses they think he was hit by a Lincoln. Both the Lincoln and the car behind, an F 250 stopped and walked around presumably to see what they hit. It is not known if they discovered the victim who was lying on the grass, but they then returned to their vehicles and drove away.

Nuncio was taken to McAllen Medical Center in a critical condition and had surgery on his left leg and his hip.

The police are asking for help in identifying the drivers of the Lincoln and the F 250

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